From the hereafter returns the infamous human hybrid (part man/part psychic). Legend has it that his Chi flames were trained to mame the untame. Civilize the masses by exposing dasterdly bastards who disguise themselves as corporate masters and religious pastors. His presence alone unleashes fear in the hearts of many oppressive captors. Some pour out adoration for the eloquent one, while others plot the destruction of the humble son. One thing is for certain, regardless of the circumstances the battle for Free-dome is about to be 1.
Heavenly Prayer / Mountain Range at dawnGalactic view of the sun/ Sunset trail2pac invitation/ Shaolin greetingShaolin staff stance/ Chuck D on the micShaolin meditationShaolin sword stance/ Shoalin kickingOpening of a cave/ Chuck D emphasis
With the knowledge and discipline taught by his universal ancestors, the exalted one combines unorthodoxy with finesse to lull and charm his opponents into inevitable compliance. Although force is preferably not applied, years of strenuous exertion has enabled the fabled rebel to maintain his position as global hawk of the weak. Whether through fiery vengeance or through diplomatic calm, hereupon lies a newly civilized dawn...



Distorted swirl



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